Michael Jackson, Inc. has been featured on air by NPRCBSCNN, CTV, CNBC and Revoltand in print by ForbesBillboardEbony, Hollywood ReporterVibe, the Chicago Tribunethe Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and many others. In June, Amazon named it the Best Book Of The Month in the Business & Leadership category and USA Today called it one of “the hottest titles this season,” along with books by Hillary Clinton and Stephen King.


“What a story Zack Greenburg tells well, one that is as absorbing and exciting as Michael Jackson on stage in his prime. It’s a modern, pop version of Citizen Kane.”
- Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes

“Greenburg explores the brilliance and business acumen of Michael Jackson. He intricately carves the truth behind the man who went from rags to revolutionizing and paving the way for artist to ultimately become business moguls.”
- David Banner, Grammy-winning musician-actor-entrepreneur

“In his meticulously researched Michael Jackson, Inc, Zack O’Malley Greenburg has brilliantly shown us a side of the late King of Pop we’ve never seen before: The mercurial but oh-so-canny businessman who made hundreds of millions in his lifetime and is on his way to making even more after his untimely death.”
- William D. CohanNew York Times bestselling author of Money and Power

“A fascinating, fresh, detailed account of how Michael Jackson changed the game for artists in the entertainment industry. Packed with new angles and insights, Greenburg avoids cheap sensationalism in favor of real, research-based reporting. The result is at once a story of Jackson’s remarkable business acumen, as well as a cautionary tale about the price of the ticket. While Jackson’s success came at a great cost, reading this book makes clear how he paved the way for generations of artists to come.”
- Joseph Vogel, author of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson

“Zack follows every step of the way as the King of Pop becomes the Citizen Kane of Pop, creating an empire so strong that even Jackson’s most mind-boggling excesses couldn’t bring it down. Michael Jackson Inc. is the deepest examination and most resounding proof yet that Jackson was as pioneering in business as he was in music — a pathfinder in the establishment of Artist as Brand.”
- Jem Aswad, editor-in-chief of SPIN

“Jackson was crazy like a fox, and could be as cold in business as he was hot onstage and in the studio. I’m crazy for this gripping, beautifully-reported book.”
- Michael Gross, author of House of Outrageous Fortune

“We know the circus that Michael Jackson’s personal life became in the media, yet Zack found the stories of who he became in the business world, which was starkly different and industry influencing. Jackson went hard in the vocal booth and even harder in the boardroom. Artist-entrepreneurs like Jay Z, Diddy and Lady Gaga owe him the world; we’re indebted to Zack for shedding light on Jackson’s business acumen.”
- Datwon Thomas, contributing editor at and former executive editor of VIBE

“The King of Pop is perfectly captured by Zack O’Malley Greenburg, who has a journalist’s eye for detail with Michael Jackson, Inc. The words dance across the page, the mark of a writer with vivid, natural storytelling talent. Bravo, Zack!”
- Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Rolling Stones and author of Growing A Better America

“We all know Michael Jackson worked hard to become the undisputed King of Pop. Zack Greenburg’s well researched Michael Jackson, Inc. follows the money and shows us how he learned from the best, defied the odds, and turns out to have been just as good at business—making this a fun, compelling read and one of the most incisive looks at the business of show business at its highest level.”
Fab 5 Freddy, hip-hop pioneer and longtime host of Yo! MTV Raps



One of “the hottest titles this season” (along with books by Hillary Clinton and Stephen King).
USA Today

“A fresh take on one of the most discussed human beings of our era.” – Chicago Tribune

“Greenburg adroitly reviews Jackson’s artistic growth and achievements not with pecuniary jargon or obsequious praise, but as a narrative of the fruitful relationships the artist established with others. He includes surprising facts about Jackson’s recording breakthroughs as well as his ambitious, and very expensive, long-form music videos, which became the industry standard. … A useful, informative examination of this important artist’s career.” - Kirkus Reviews

“As Zack O’Malley Greenburg tells it in Michael Jackson, Inc., the entertainer’s supreme talent was in ‘monetizing fame.’ Alive—and, especially, dead—Jackson earned more money than any other single performer.” - Wall Street Journal

“Leaves out the juicy stuff to focus on the pop icon as a business entity.” - Washington Post

“Offers a perspective fans around the world may have never seen. … You feel like you’re getting to know the man he was. … Read it. And if you’re a singer and/or songwriter or remotely involved in music, you truly should, just to understand how a master of the game played it to win.” Ebony

“Dr. Dre owes the King of Pop. Long before Dre rapped about becoming the first ‘hip-hop billionaire,’ Michael Jackson was moonwalking a trail for wannabe music entrepreneurs.” New York Post

“In Michael Jackson, Inc., through interviews and stories from several of Jackson’s personal and professional connections like Berry Gordy, Teddy Riley and Jackson family members, Greenburg uncovers, in intimate detail, why Michael Jackson the businessman deserves equal recognition as Michael Jackson the entertainer.” - Soul Train

“Millions of people loved and adored Michael Jackson. His scintillating dance moves, his crisp timing, and his impeccable reach around the world immersed him into a lifestyle many either envied or enjoyed. … Michael Jackson, Inc. takes a look at the moves Jackson made before he became the undisputed King of Pop.” Black Enterprise

“A financial biography of the pre-eminent pop star of the past three decades … compelling, highly readable.” - The National

Michael Jackson, Inc. gives MJ fans some insight into why the King Of Pop was more than just a trailblazer in music, but in business as well.” The Grio

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